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Syrian government removes trauma kits, surgical items from Ghouta convoy

Syrian government officials in Military checkpoints removed trauma kits, surgical supplies and all medicines items from trucks before it enters Eastern Ghouta and this convoy that are part of an inter-agency convoy heading into the besieged Syrian enclave of eastern Ghouta.

All trauma (kits), surgical, dialysis sessions and insulin were rejected by Military checkpoints.

“All trauma (kits), surgical, dialysis sessions and insulin were rejected by security,” a WHO official said by email, adding that some 70 percent of the supplies loaded on its trucks leaving its warehouses had been removed during the inspection.

The United Nations said on Sunday that it had received approval for the convoy to the government-besieged area of 400,000 near Damascus, but before it will enter Eastern Ghouta today in 5-March-2018, all medical supplies in trucks were removed by Syrian government officials in Military checkpoints.

This accident in eastern Ghouta have occurred in areas designated under the de-escalation zone, this recent escalation indicates a renewal of the blatant strategy of absent entering humanitarian aids to besieged areas.
This incident comes as a continuation of the increased targeting of health facilities and medical assistance and the lack of equipment for the treatment of civilians, so between Nov. 2017 and Feb. 2018 in Eastern Ghouta, out of 26 reported attacks affecting health care, 9 were considered verified. More than half of the verified attacks were on health care facilities providing trauma care.

Two health centers from 13 PHC are running by @Alseeraj.Syria were targeted by airplanes and destroyed some parts of it.

A large proportion of the attacks were through aerial bombardment. A total of 600 people were killed during this period, and 2500 civilians were wounded, based on verified incidents.

All 26 health centers (PHC and hospitals) in the districts of Eastern Ghouta have been attacked at least once, while nine of the big hospitals have experienced more than five attacks in the same period. Data revealed zero attacks in hospitals in the areas which control by Syrian regime in Damascus, Homs, Lattakia and Tartous.

@alseeraj.syria appeals to the UN Security Council to issue a resolution to allowing enter humanitarian aids to besieged areas in Syria.

@alseeraj.syria remain extremely concerned for the safety and protection of about 4000,000 people who remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in Syria and we call for immediate access to the besieged towns in these district where civilians suffer daily violence and lack of basics under siege.