Monday February-2018

Attack on our office in Eastern Ghouta

“Alseeraj for Development and Healthcare ” @alseeraj.syria office which located in Saqba was targeted in airstrikes on Monday February-2018. It wasn’t immediately clear who conducted the strikes, though only Russian and Syrian regime aircraft have been bombing all areas of eastern Ghouta of rural Damascus province.

The attack came one day after Russian and Syrian regime have been starting their attacks on eastern Ghouta.

Yesterday in Eastern Ghouta, at 6 pm local time, Alseeraj organization office was targeted by an airstrike attack. As a result, it is now out of service, and some parts of our office was also destroyed without injury to the staff or the people in office and they are now in good health.

These attack in eastern Ghouta have occurred in areas designated under the de-escalation zone, this recent escalation indicates a renewal of the blatant strategy of targeting humanitarian facilities in besieged areas.
 appeals to the UN Security Council to issue a resolution to protect humanitarian workers in Syria. ” Alseeraj ” strongly condemns the escalating violence against NGOs offices in @syria , which flagrantly violate international humanitarian law, and the de-escalation agreements.

@alseeraj.syria remain extremely concerned for the safety and protection of about 370,000 people who remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in Syria and we call for immediate access to the besieged towns in these district where civilians suffer daily violence and lack of basics under siege.