Update from Eastern Ghouta about UN convoy

At least 37 dialysis patients (12 women 25 men) in the besieged eastern Ghouta are in dire need of access to lifesaving treatment. In Dec-2017, 3 patients dead and 12 patients from June-2017 to Nov-2017 died due to the lack of dialysis treatment, bringing the total number of deaths resulting from this disease to 13 in 2017.

The Department of Hemodialysis in the Specialized Hospital in the district of Douma is remaining to perform hemodialysis sessions for all patients in eastern Ghouta.

Last week UN convoy entered to the besieged eastern Ghouta and provided dialysis treatment kits (50 hemodialysis sessions for 37 patients still a life). This kits not enough for patients due to it is one hemodialysis session to every patient.

Our statistics is indicating the total of hemodialysis sessions were 256 for 37 patients in Dec-2017 that means every patient is needing 8 hemodialysis sessions monthly.

UN convoy provided hemodialysis treatment kits to 37 patients for one time and help them to still a life only for one week.

Renal and dialysis patients would have been the most vulnerable people among all chronic diseases during the conflict and their care would have been affected majorly due to their fragile status, comorbidities and the complexity of offered treatments.

@alseeraj.syria remain extremely concerned for the safety and protection of about 370,000 people who remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in @Syria and we call for immediate access to the besieged towns in these district where civilians suffer daily violence and lack of basics under siege.