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Campaign description

The idea of ​​the project is to rent a place containing several rooms designed to be measuring rooms for women and children.

Financial value vouchers are distributed under the supervision of the targeted camp administration or local councils.

The families come first to the shop and take out the coupons and choose the clothes displayed in the shop in proportion to their needs and taste. Thus, the names and numbers of the families are kept under the supervision of the camp administration or the local councils so that the support for the same family is not repeated until the target number is fully completed.

Specialized workers sort the clothes according to their type and ensure that they are clean and fit for use in a manner that preserves human dignity on a daily basis.

There are two female receptionists and children’s helpers.

To ensure the moral humanitarian treatment and not to inform these families, but that they have the right to receive these clothes.

Project Objectives:

Maintaining Syrian human dignity.
Do not waste by providing the necessary needs for each family to ensure that there is no repetition in distribution.
The need for this type of project to meet the requirements of the families and to meet the harsh climatic conditions and try to secure the clothes seasonally.
Description of the project location:

A shop in the countryside of Idlib area of ​​about 60 square meters located in the center of the city of Dana.

The project is based on the collection of in-kind donations in cooperation with FOR SYRIA from the Gulf States and aims to reach new donations of clothes and shoes as much as possible.


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