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Campaign description

The group’s work then focused on the medical support of several field hospitals in Damascus and its suburbs from the cities of Damascus through the eastern and western regions to reach the southern region and the qalamoun. Support included medical equipment, emergency consumables, medicines, anesthetics, laboratory kits, satellite Internet equipment and wireless devices.

The project is based on the idea of ​​supporting medical workers in the besieged areas and the difficulty of access. The project started work in the 11th month of 2012.

With the end of the year and the start of the liberalization of important areas in the suburbs of Damascus, where the regime began to implement the siege was the urgent need for medical projects and was the first priority among all Syrian support organizations in support of medical work cadres launched a project supporting medical staff in October 2012 with a budget of more than 50 thousand $ Per month.

One of the most important hospitals in which support is concentrated at the time was the role that was instrumental in medical work:

Cave Hospital

Save the spirit




Civil Defense in the Eastern Ghouta

Martyr Martyr Ziad al-Bekaie

And Daria


Wilda, Beit Shem, and the camp in the south

And the valley of Berdi and Hama

At the end of 2012, the completion of the liberation of the regions and the start of the establishment of unified medical offices in both gulfs, Siraj had an important role to play in supporting them. Space station.

In terms of relief, Al-Serraj operated its relief campaigns, transporting foodstuffs, milk and clothes from outside Syria, and then transferring them to Damascus and then distributing them in the liberated and bitter areas, not to mention supporting the furnaces and the relief offices with money to support the population with bread, relief baskets, milk and furniture. Several international organizations have distributed more than 4,000 relief baskets in the OS sectors

year 2013:

The siege was implemented in the most important sectors of the work of the OS, so it was necessary to change the policy of work and find alternative solutions and work on the study of existing projects, in terms of knowledge of the need for them to work on the continuation or discontinuation, and here entered the new phase of the project in the introduction of development and good loan to break the siege Making use of human resources and labor force, stressing the importance of self-sufficiency and working to consolidate this concept

After many meetings between members of the group and their contacts with many of the opinionists inside the Syrian,

Emphasis was placed on the importance of the project to support and sustain medical staff

And support the operation of medical hospitals in light of the total power outage through the support of fuel, and after the increase in massacres and targeting of residential areas Alsaraj supported medical consumables, pharmaceuticals and aromatherapy

year 2014:

The year of the changes and achievements in the work of the organization is the year of partnerships with Western organizations and the launch of the project towards support of the Syrian home more than it was and organizing more in terms of financial transparency and administrative development of the organization and the offices of the house dealt with by the organization. Implementing all projects through partners

In the field of medical support, the project continued to support the medical cadres of more than 500 workers in the medical field in all medical, administrative and service specialties in the two ghettos, in addition to the adoption of a medical center «save spirit» completely with fuel, medicines and consumables

The partnership agreements between Al-Seraj and Western organizations began in May with two pilot projects:

The WADI project in Eastern Ghouta The idea of ​​establishing a central drug warehouse was initiated and started until the end of the year, and the continuation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing project and the distribution of its products to medical capture free of charge.

The project of supporting the medical staff of NURWAC in the two gulfs and the Barada valley with a monthly budget of more than 70 thousand dollars


Every serious and sincere work can not but face obstacles and difficulties. Among each cooperative group, there must be two subversive people. This is what began the work of Al-Seraj in 2015. However, the pace of the organization’s work has not decreased, and its insistence on moving forward to serve our trapped and needy people inside,

The project of supporting medical cadres continued in partnership with Noorwak for four months and then concluded another contract for nine months.

The most important medical projects undertaken this year are a partnership with the organization IRC in the field of supporting medical facilities in various fields of medical work from cadres to fuel and medical and medical consumables, to the development of the health facility through its support of medical devices.

One of the pilot projects for the project this year is to support the camps in Arsal with health facilities and mobile clinics and to provide excellent medical services to camp residents in a qualitative shift of the organization in its services and projects.

FAO’s logistics support project for health facilities and administrative offices continued through the Continuous Space Communications Support Project from 2013

The pharmaceutical manufacturing project, producing ten drug items and distributing them free of charge to the health facilities, in addition to activating the role of the medical engineering manufacturing workshop by manufacturing external stabilizers, surgical accessories,

The number of health facilities benefiting 44 is as follows: 13 hospitals – 9 primary care centers – 4 nursing homes – 19 medical points
The number of medical personnel 740 of them 170 doctors


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