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Campaign description

The siege imposed on the affected areas and areas of armed conflict led to a severe shortage of medical equipment, external stabilizers and pharmaceutical materials. This led the company to consider using the human resources with expertise and raw materials available under the possible conditions in order to obtain production with good standards and Thus reducing the impact of the embargo on these areas.

Geographical sector

Damascus countryside – Eastern Ghouta

Number of Beneficiaries: 22 establishments

Total Project Value: $ 27.916

This project included

1 – Pharmaceutical industry: which does not require high technical conditions such as sterilization, such as the manufacture of pressurized and pharmaceutical capsules by mouth.

Number of manufactured medical conditions: 61,600 envelopes

Number of distributed pharmaceutical conditions: 40,850 envelopes

2 – medical industry Engineering: includes simple surgical number, surgery cartons, external fixators for fractures, surfactants, simple prostheses, wounded braces, patient beds, operation light fixtures and operating table.

Number of medical metal pieces manufactured: 867 pieces

Mechanism of Action

The manufacturing process depends on the availability of raw materials and the readiness of laboratories and workshops on manufacturing and production according to the technical and standard specifications. These materials are then assembled and then delivered to workshops and manufacturing laboratories (pharmaceutical and engineering). And the need for health facilities, follow-up documentation in accordance with the administrative and financial procedures followed by the OS


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