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Project thousand hectares of wheat in the province of Hasakah / rural Darbasiya

The objective of the project is to ensure the basic needs of the farmers (beneficiaries) of seeds in order to encourage the cultivation of land and to maintain food security in the harsh conditions experienced by the region of high prices.

Duration: 8 months

Start date: 2015-9

Closing date: 2016-7

Al-Serraj office in Al-Hasakah set criteria for selecting beneficiaries:

The beneficiary shall have a plot of land with a minimum of 10 dunums.
The beneficiary must be present at his home.
The beneficiary undertakes to plant the land with the distributed seeds and spray them with fertilizers and pesticides that will be distributed to him in the following stages of the project free of charge
The names of the villages: Umm al-Thawr, Umm Jahfah, Tal Baidar, Tal Khatun, Tal Rashid, Tal Ghazal Tahtani, Tal Ghazal Shamar, Tal Ghazal Faqani, Jawzat, Golbsan, Hershawi, , Kefra, Kefra, Kola, Mazraat Al Zain, Maziraa, Mas’udiya, Al-Zayn, Al-Zayn, Al-Zayn, Mashraq, Musheiref Halio, Musheiref Mashraq, Nasiriyah Khader Bazzi, Hask, and Hachk


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