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Campaign description

Al-Sarraj carried out the sacrifice of good deeds on Eid al-Adha for the year 2016 AD, an attempt to introduce joy and joy to our people in the besieged areas.

Where the teams Alsaraj in the Syrian interior (East Ghouta – the southern region – Western Ghouta – Qalamoun – Arsal – Wadi Barada) the implementation of the campaign “sacrifice of good”

The distribution was as follows:

Distribution of 200 portions of sacrifice on the people of besieged southern Damascus.

The campaign targeted 100 families from Yarmouk camp in coordination with the relief office for the residents of Yarmouk refugee camp, in addition to 100 families from the displaced towns (Akraba, Bouidah, Hajira).

The towns of the southern sector in the eastern Al-Ghouta besieged (Hittah Jerash – Bala – Bayad – Hititm Turkmen)

Where the distribution was coordinated with the local councils in the targeted areas to ensure that aid reaches the most needy families.

Our team distributed in the eastern Ghouta 255 shares, the ration weight 1 kg.

250 families were distributed to displaced and vulnerable families in the Khan al-Sheeh and Zakiya areas.

Al-Sarraj was part of the Relief Coordination Office, whose mission was to coordinate the distribution of sacrifices with most relief institutions and organizations operating in the region to ensure that aid reaches the most needy families and that there is no inconsistency in the names of beneficiaries between these institutions and organizations.

We hope that the end of this holiday will be a blessing for the Arab and Islamic nation, especially our people in Syria, and we will return some of us to the homeland soon, God willing, and the homes of everyone are full of joys and holidays.


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