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Alseeraj Vision

Syria is the Humans . . . our goal is to help them stay on the ground

In spite of all the challenges facing Alseeraj organization, we are still there and we will keep working for our goals, Alseeraj org is proud of its working team inside and outside Syria who work on supporting the rights of the Syrian to help him on staying in his land and face all the difficulties that are imposed by the ongoing war in Syria.


Education is the foundation of the renaissance of nations and the secret of its progress. Therefore, we must keep abreast of the latest developments in the times and circumstances, and work to provide the necessary to save people from illiteracy and transfer it to science and light. Al-Sarraj established a special institute for the children of East Ghouta who did not have access to schools.


This sector is an important factor for the survival of people in emergency and disaster situations and aims to provide water and sanitation services that lead to a healthy life by providing clean drinking water by rehabilitating wells and renting tanks to the besieged areas and the hard-to-reach areas .


The health sector constitutes 60% of the organization’s work. It is an integrated cycle of activities that leads to the success of medical activity and each activity leads to a series of complementary activities that contribute to the preservation of human life, which is the goal of the program. This sector targets nearly two million beneficiaries in 44 medical centers with 750 medical cadres


It aims to help civil society in creating a circle of human activity that serves each other interactively through the recruitment of specialized cadres in each field in order to achieve integration in all fields and self-sufficiency to spend development projects on service projects.

The Partnerships

Alseeraj Org adapts a transparent system in its work, where all of our partners and shareholders can follow all the incoming and outgoing financial movements, and they can know about the beneficiaries and the end users regarding to the project.

Alseeraj has individuals supportive members since its beginning until today, and it also has local partnerships such as local councils in many Syrian cities, hospitals and medical centers that are located inside and outside Syria, in addition to the partnerships with many international and Syrian organizations as shown below:

The Turkish Red Crescent (in Gaziantep) – HLH – NORWAC – SAMS – IHR – DCA – SRN – the Syrian relief network – ACU – Shafaq – Balqis – Serwar international – HPF

– The organization has been registered in the list of the Syrian Non-Governmental Organizations that are matching the international standards in the office of the humanitarian Affairs of the UN (OCHA):

The organization has obtained the advocacy of supporting the besieged areas and the priority of supporting the standing of the Syrian people inside them and that after submitting its report of the besieged areas in the countryside of Damascus to the office of the Humanitarian Affairs in 2-05-2015 which was approved then.

Alseeraj is a member in the monitoring group of the under sieged areas in the OCHA office of Turkey.

Alseeraj Is a partner member in the Syrian Relief network in the representation committee of the Syrian organizations of the civil Society in Turkey.

The participation in the annual conference of the Relief network of Syria.(confidence conference)

The Adaptation of Alseeraj as a strategic partner in Damascus’s countryside by NORWAC.

A key member in the Steering committee of the human Liaison group HLG

Obtaining the necessary permission for the humanitarian crossing to the northern of Syria after attending the meeting of the Human liaison Group HLG and the OCHA office in Turkey and the representatives of the United Nations agencies.

The internal policies of the organization
Special financial system related to the organization, special draft for the rules of behavior related to the organization, special internal system, organizational structure, job description of the staff.)And they will be attached with the executive report to be considered, we also have a financial auditor, Temporary and future plans for each department, scientific office for development, the committee of the projects, the committee of monitoring and evaluation, the committee of trustees and consultants.

AlSeeraj Staff

Offices abroad:

Turkey Office, Gaziantep: Administration, main communication office staff #: 16 Volunteers: 2

Sweden Office: International Relationships staff #: 3

Dubai Office: coordination staff #: 2

Lebanon Office: coordination staff # :4

Syria Offices:

Eastern Ghouta office: staff #: 15

Rural Homs office: staff #: 14

The Syrian North office: staff #:25

Al-Hasakah office: staff #: 3

Working Sectors

Health Sector

Food Security and livelihood Sector

Protection Sector


Education Sector

Our Partners