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People in Eastern Ghouta call the whole world to stand with them!

Since 18/02/18, more than 900 air strikes, more than 600 civilians were killed and more than 2000 were injured. 2000 homes were destroyed.
400000 people are still besieged and living in basements in #Eastern_Ghouta.

My friends and their families are still alive.
They are living here between death, siege and bombing.

They call the whole world to STAND WITH THEM.

Take a selfie.
Share it on Social Media and call the people in the world to stand with them using the hashtag: #IamstillALive #أناعايش

In spite of all the challenges facing Alseeraj organization, we are still there and we will keep working for our goals, Alseeraj org is proud of its working team inside and outside Syria who work on supporting the rights of the Syrian to help him on staying in his land and face all the difficulties that are imposed by the ongoing war in Syria.

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