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How many people are under siege in Eastern Ghouta, what is going on?

All people around the world know that of the 370 K people are living in besieged area of Eastern Ghouta in Syria and they are besieged by Syrian government forces in various locations

In Eastern Ghouta, freedom of movement for both people and goods is heavily restricted, leading to high prices for commodities rough in via irregular supply lines in last months but now there are no supply lines due to new attack by Syrian Regime and their allies.

The report details the numbers of injuries and Martyrs that @alseeraj.syria was able to counting them since the attack began to now.

About 2500 people were injuries and 500 people were killed since the attack began to now by Syrian Regime Army and their allies.

With great difficulty, hospitals in eastern Ghouta trapped inside areas under siege to buy medical equipment and medicines depend on black market supplies at inflated prices.

There are 6 health facilities (hospitals and PHC) running by @alseeraj.syria still work in the face of heavy shelling and airstrike attacks on this facilities.

Our doctors in the field tell us that they can’t able to receipt more injuries.

Every facility on the field has been receipting daily more than 100 people which injured by shells and airstrike.

Triage could not be more difficult than what they are facing every day. And the post-surgical care after complex surgeries does not include the same usual procedures. The first procedure is to discharge the patient from the hospital to a relatively safer place. Although there is no safe place from the bombing in the Eastern Ghouta, but hospitals are the first target.

Here is Al Ghouta; where doctors make the most elegant medical laws and ethics..

Our medical staff say that The strategic stockpile of medicine and medical supplies began to come into force due to increase number of injuries and surgical and ambulatory operations since the attack began to now by Syrian Regime Army and their allies.

” Alseeraj ” strongly condemns the escalating violence against healthcare centers in @syria , which flagrantly violate international humanitarian law, and the de-escalation agreements.

@alseeraj.syria appeals to the UN Security Council to issue a resolution to protect humanitarian workers in Syria.

@alseeraj.syria remain extremely concerned for the safety and protection of about 370,000 people who remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in Syria and we call for immediate access to the besieged towns in these district where civilians suffer daily violence and lack of basics under siege.





In spite of all the challenges facing Alseeraj organization, we are still there and we will keep working for our goals, Alseeraj org is proud of its working team inside and outside Syria who work on supporting the rights of the Syrian to help him on staying in his land and face all the difficulties that are imposed by the ongoing war in Syria.

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