Activating and supporting inactive poultry farms

Starting from the objectives of Alseeraj for Development and Healthcare in the maintenance of life and secure a decent life for the population and achieve self-sufficiency of the regions, especially in the areas of hard to reach, the organization implemented part of its program in the countryside of northern Homs by targeting the inactive poultry to increase the production of poultry meat and job opportunities for The way of operating and activating the huts and the centers used by the slaughterhouses, trucks….etc., where we will through this project to increase production and thus lower prices that are commensurate with the income of families in the region.

The project depends on the support of 18 poultries suspended from work at the rate of 4000 chicks for each one and 6 poultries at the rate of 2000 chicks with all the basic requirements (solar energy s, sawdust, fuel, food subsidies and vitamins) in addition to veterinary care and treatment.

The project aims to recover part of the production to be distributed to the vulnerable families through several criteria and estimated the number of families that will target about 2300 families at a rate of 15 kg chicken meat for each family in addition to increase the amount of meat on the market.

In spite of all the challenges facing Alseeraj organization, we are still there and we will keep working for our goals, Alseeraj org is proud of its working team inside and outside Syria who work on supporting the rights of the Syrian to help him on staying in his land and face all the difficulties that are imposed by the ongoing war in Syria.

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