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New attack on health facillities in Eastern Ghouta

Yesterday in Eastern GhoutaZamalka city at 4:30 pm local time, a primary healthcare Center (PHC) “Ihyaa Alnafs center” was targeted by an airstrike attack (8 barrels’ bomb) then 20 shell from heavy ordnance.

 As a result, some parts of this center was destroyed and one ambulance is now out of service. In this accident fuels and generators warehouse was destroyed and it is now out of service.

Nobody inside center were injured in this accident and no one of medical staff also was injured but three people were injured outside centre.

 This centre is providing healthcare for more 11800 residents and 2640 IDPs in Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta.

 This is not the first attack in this week, other healthcare facilities were else target by airstrikes in the different town in Mahamadiyeh in Eastern Ghouta, the airstrikes targeted an emergency centre and as a result for this attack this center is now out of service.

 Those attacks in all of Eastern Ghouta have occurred in areas designated under the de-escalation zone, this recent escalation indicates a renewal of the blatant strategy of targeting health facilities in besieged areas.

This center is running by Alseeraj for Development and Healthcare organization @alseeraj.syria as a part of our project to support 11 PHC centers in Damascus and rural Damascus.

” Alseeraj ” strongly condemns the escalating violence against healthcare centers in @Syria which flagrantly violate international humanitarian law, and the de-escalation agreements.

In spite of all the challenges facing Alseeraj organization, we are still there and we will keep working for our goals, Alseeraj org is proud of its working team inside and outside Syria who work on supporting the rights of the Syrian to help him on staying in his land and face all the difficulties that are imposed by the ongoing war in Syria.

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