Strengthen the resilience of both resident and displaced communities

The project was implemented in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour where 200 families were selected based on the priorities of vulnerability and poverty, 100 resident families and 100 displaced families.

The project’s two agricultural and animal activities included 200 beneficiaries as follows:

-Distribution of chickpeas, yellow maize and white seeds to grow 400 dunums
-Distribution of vouchers for agricultural inputs of fertilizer and fuel sufficient for the agricultural process
-Distribution of 2 sheep with healthy and productive characteristics for each family
-Vaccinate 400 sheep from foot-and-mouth disease to prevent infection
-Provision of 36 tons of sheep feed for two full months.
-Provide veterinary health care necessary to maintain the health of sheep
-Increase the numbers of sheep by placing hormonal sponges
-Provide training on livestock to increase the expertise and knowledge of educators

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