Support to primary health care centers

Support to primary health care centers in hard-to-reach areas in Al Hasakah and Darbasiyah, and to extend and strengthen the health referral system

The project aims to provide primary health care services to hard-to-reach people in the HtR areas of Al Hasakah through two different primary health care centers located in the Amouda and Darbasiya areas of Al Qamishli and Ras Al Ain, respectively.

This project will be implemented by two humanitarian organizations: Al-Sarraj and Bihar Relief Organization Pro. As well as increasing the coverage area and therefore the target population. The main objective of this project is to promote the current public health situation among people and aim to give priority to the most vulnerable. The main approach of this project was designed to meet the major health needs of Amouda and Darbasiya based on several assessments undertaken by Al Serag and Pro. Project activities, outcomes, and target population were developed on the basis of the EHSP guidelines. The project uses activities to meet the needs of vulnerable groups and to facilitate safe access to and delivery of these services to women under five years of age, children and disabilities, as well as the referral service to be provided in practice to patients.

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