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livestock and agriculture activities in Jisr Al Shoughur

Project title: Strengthening the resilience of IDPs and host communities through livestock and agriculture activities in Jisr Al Shoughur

Number of Beneficiaries: 100 IDPs,100 HH

Project summary: 

The project had implemented in Jisr Ash Shougur where 200 hh had selected depending on weakness scales for 100 IDPs and 100 HH families.
Project activities were included two section (agricultural and animals) for 200 beneficiaries as follows:
– Distribution of chickpea seeds , yellow corn seeds and white corns seeds to planted 400 dunums
– Distribution of vouchers for agricultural inputs (fertilizer and fuel) sufficient for the agricultural process
– Distribute 2 sheep for each family ( host and IDPs)
– vaccination of 400 sheep against foot-and-mouth disease to prevent infection
– Distribute of 36 tons of sheep feed that enough for two full months.
– Provide veterinary health care to keep sheep healthy
– Increase the numbers of sheep by putting hormonal sponges
– Provide guidance trainings to increase the experience and knowledge of breeder

donor: Expertise France
location : Idleb – Jisr-Ash- Shugur – (Bzeit -Bsheiriyeh – Matleh / Batlaya – Marj Akhdar – Ein Elsoda)

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