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قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم :  إذا قامت الساعة وفى يد أحدكم فسيلة فليغرسها

It aims to secure part of the food needs of the people in the besieged areas and reduce the level of dependence on the distribution of food baskets through financing the cultivation of seasonal agricultural crops

Starting the project: 13/3/2013

Project goals
Contribute to the food security of citizens and to thwart the regime’s plans to starve and crush civilians.
Securing the job opportunities that the project will provide and enriching them from waiting for relief baskets to help the population to withstand.
Securing agricultural products in the besieged areas and reaching self-sufficiency.
Support local councils in securing agriculture in towns and villages
Provide strategic wheat stocks and break prices
Establishment of an agricultural chamber whose mission is to support the farmers, guide them and unify the work
Rehabilitation and training of cadres in the besieged areas
Empowering man at home
Maintaining livestock through ensuring fodder farming
Breaking the prices of vegetables

Financing and Marketing: A study of agricultural projects is provided according to the needs of the town or village, and according to the population density of the required crops, and the financial support is provided to them and distributed to the farmers targeted by the project according to the plan of implementation (financial, geographical, technical, follow up and evaluation) :

Receipt of half of the crop by the farmers and marketing in the market hal.
– Important Note: The project is a relief and not profitable, but we have created a space to re-distribute the expenditure to reuse it in support of other agricultural seasons in order to maintain one of the most important objectives of the project is “continuity”.
Distribution of local council quotas according to the census in percentage of each council.

And finally ….
The Agricultural Vlegressa program is a development program that works according to the principle of sustainable development and has achieved all its goals

Contributing to breaking the siege by securing locally produced agricultural commodities in the besieged areas
Self-reliance through the operation of labor
The relief sector in the organization was provided with relief
Price break at 50%
Thus, the program Vlegressha achieved its goals, despite the exposure of other service projects, medical and relief and development of many of the obstacles


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