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Prices of materials in besieged Eastern Ghouta according to Syria Relief

Eastern Ghouta have recently witnessed a military escalation represented by aerial, artillery and missile bombardment targeting all the eastern regions and towns of Ghouta, leaving hundreds of dead and wounded civilians between men, women and children, and massive destruction of residential buildings and properties.

 The military escalation coincided with the cessation of the entry of foodstuffs into Eastern Ghouta that used to be carried on by the contractor (Al-Manfosh). As a matter of fact having his contract expired with the regime, encouraged the local traders to monopolize the foodstuffs and start raising prices in the market, so that every day prices increase more than before.

The hospitals and medical committees at the field level sent a distress call to the international community to provide the relief of medical work and to push on for releasing the siege and allow the urgent medical assistance to be brought into the currently besieged areas, as the suffocating siege and massacres that took place in Ghouta led to the depletion of most of the emergency medical drugs needed to serve the trapped population.

In the past two days, the Eastern Ghouta witnessed a slight easing of the shelling and eventually an aid convoy carrying approximately 1,500 food parcels was able to pass in and enter to the Nashabiya area in Marj.

In addition to what have been discussed above, the regime and it’ Media try to promote and inform the public that a military campaign will be launched on the Eastern Ghouta and that they are importing significant reinforcements to be involved in the planned campaign. As a result, a situation of fear and disturbance among the population in the region has been observed recently due to the promotions and news been listened.

As for the security and living conditions of Duma from Harasta- Arabsin –Madyara side is very bad and the people of these areas are still living in shelters or still being displaced and all their work and businesses are stopped.In parallel to the local market’s prices increments and the unemployment rate that has reached 70% of the population in Eastern Ghouta, the need for urgent assistance is significantly increasing among the population.

School classes have been suspended since the start of the bombing campaign on Al-Ghouta that was recorded with the return of some of the students to catch the academic year.

Prices in the Eastern Ghouta are still about ten times higher than the prices inside the city of Damascus.

New Chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta…!

Medical staff in Shafuniyeh town (C2334 in Map) in #Eastern_Ghouta (Rural Damascus) say 4 women, 6 children and 10 men (two from ambulance team) were brought to a field hospitals symptoms  (one child of them was killed by this attack) indicating Chlorine use (Chemical attack) by Syrian Regime Forces.

How do you know about Doctors in Syria?

Doctors in Eastern Ghouta are affected by war since it was beginning in Syria. They too face risk to their own lives, and the effects of working with constant fatigue and dealing with horrific injuries in field hospitals.

Doctors are working in to face situations where patients have overwhelming injuries. There is often limited access to medical resources to provide treatment. And the doctors themselves may be in danger.

Doctors can also tell us about their life but in Eastern Ghouta every person lives in Ghouta know about doctors life while doctors really don’t know about their health and families. For example, Ahmad Albukai is one of our medical staff in the field in Eastern Ghouta, He always till us about update from a field and also he works in humanitarian response and field hospital. He works some times in emergency department for along hours then he is working in operations department then he is going to another department to see patients in their rooms. When Doctor Ahmad finds a little time to do another works he goes to @alseeraj.syria office to be able for providing aids to people in Eastern Ghouta with our aids. Doctor Ahmad is not alone. He always works with a team for along time to help people there.

Doctors have a very important role in war: to heal those injured and harmed by war. The challenges of medicine are different from those in civilian practice and it is imperative to tell other doctors around the world how doctors is working in Eastern Ghouta to understand the unique ethical complexity they may face.

They are already angels and they are living among us to help people in need to survive in this world .

Thank Ahmad Abukai and all doctors in Eastern Ghouta, Syria and around the world.

How many people are under siege in Eastern Ghouta, what is going on?

All people around the world know that of the 370 K people are living in besieged area of Eastern Ghouta in Syria and they are besieged by Syrian government forces in various locations

In Eastern Ghouta, freedom of movement for both people and goods is heavily restricted, leading to high prices for commodities rough in via irregular supply lines in last months but now there are no supply lines due to new attack by Syrian Regime and their allies.

The report details the numbers of injuries and Martyrs that @alseeraj.syria was able to counting them since the attack began to now.

About 2500 people were injuries and 500 people were killed since the attack began to now by Syrian Regime Army and their allies.

With great difficulty, hospitals in eastern Ghouta trapped inside areas under siege to buy medical equipment and medicines depend on black market supplies at inflated prices.

There are 6 health facilities (hospitals and PHC) running by @alseeraj.syria still work in the face of heavy shelling and airstrike attacks on this facilities.

Our doctors in the field tell us that they can’t able to receipt more injuries.

Every facility on the field has been receipting daily more than 100 people which injured by shells and airstrike.

Triage could not be more difficult than what they are facing every day. And the post-surgical care after complex surgeries does not include the same usual procedures. The first procedure is to discharge the patient from the hospital to a relatively safer place. Although there is no safe place from the bombing in the Eastern Ghouta, but hospitals are the first target.

Here is Al Ghouta; where doctors make the most elegant medical laws and ethics..

Our medical staff say that The strategic stockpile of medicine and medical supplies began to come into force due to increase number of injuries and surgical and ambulatory operations since the attack began to now by Syrian Regime Army and their allies.

” Alseeraj ” strongly condemns the escalating violence against healthcare centers in @syria , which flagrantly violate international humanitarian law, and the de-escalation agreements.

@alseeraj.syria appeals to the UN Security Council to issue a resolution to protect humanitarian workers in Syria.

@alseeraj.syria remain extremely concerned for the safety and protection of about 370,000 people who remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in Syria and we call for immediate access to the besieged towns in these district where civilians suffer daily violence and lack of basics under siege.





رسالة إلى السيد الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة

السيد الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة أنطونيو غوتيريس
السادة ممثلي الدول الأعضاء في مجلس الأمن
السيد المبعوث الأممي الخاص لسوريا ستيفان دي مستورا

لقد دخلت مختلف المناطق في سوريا خلال الأيام والأسابيع القليلة الماضية مرحلة جديدة من التصعيد العسكري. تم خلالها استهداف وقصف أحياء سكانية وأعيان مدنية ومرافق طبية بشكل مباشر في خرق كبير وواضح لأحكام القانون الدولي ذات الصلة. وأدت إلى مقتل مئات المدنيين وجرح مئات آخرين٬ بحسب توثيقات جهات حقوقية مستقلة سورية ودولية. وذلك على وجه الخصوص في مناطق الغوطة الشرقية وإدلب وعفرين.
وكانت العمليات والتطورات العسكرية المختلفة في السنوات القليلة الماضية٬ أفضت إلى تهجير قسري لمئات الآلاف من السكان من محافظات حلب وحمص وريف دمشق. وذلك ضمن سياسة ممنهجة ترتقي لتكون جرائم حرب. وتم تجميع المهجّرين في محافظة إدلب وريف حلب. حيث يرزحون اليوم مع سكان هذه المناطق٬ تحت نيران الطيران الحربي السوري والروسي على الرغم من شمول جزء واسع من هذه المناطق ضمن إتفاقية “خفض التصعيد” التي أعلنت في وقت سابق في آستانة. في وقت ما زال فيه أكثر من ربع مليون مدني يعيشون تحت الحصار المطلق في غوطة دمشق الشرقية للسنة الخامسة على التوالي. وفي ظل ظروف إنسانية بالغة الصعوبة والقسوة. وهم اليوم تحت نيران المدفعية والصواريخ والبراميل العشوائية الغير موجهة والتي ليس لها هدف عسكري محدد سوى تحطيم كل شيء تسقط فوقه.

لقد فاق حجم المأساة السورية ما يمكن وصفه بالكلمات هنا. أو ما يمكن التعامل معه والإحاطة به في سطور قليلة. وأصبح من الواضح أن لا قيمة لحياة المدنيين والسكان ضمن كل المعادلات الحالية على الأرض السورية. ويكون من اللافت دائماً تزامن اقتراب جولات جديدة لمباحثات جنيف مع تصعيد عسكري كبير وخطير يدفع ثمنه السكان المدنيون بالدرجة الأولى دائماً.

ترى المؤسسات السورية الموقعة على هذا الرسالة أن من واجبها لفت نظر المجتمع الدولي إلى:

1- أنّ الأولوية المطلقة الآن في سوريا هي لوقف العمليات العسكرية فوراً. وحماية المدنيين بشكل فعال في أماكن تواجدهم. وإدخال المساعدات الغذائية والطبية للمناطق المحاصرة. على طريق إنهاء الحصار ووقف تحطيم مقدرات حياة تجمعات سكانية كبرى بأكملها.
2- أنّ البحث في التسوية السياسية بما يتضمنه من صياغات دستورية أو خطط إعادة إعمار أو تعافي مبكر٬ دون الخوض فوراً في ضغط دولي قوي وفاعل باتجاه وقف إطلاق النار وحماية المدنيين٬ هو قفز في الفراغ وهروب غير مجدي للأمام. ولن يكون لهذا الجهد أي معنى مع استمرار قتل السكان الذين يفترض أن يكون الدستور العتيد دستورهم. كما يُفترض بأي جهد لإعادة الإعمار أن يصبّ في صالح استعادة هؤلاء السكان لمقدرات وممكنات حياتهم. ما يعني أن مؤتمرات المانحين في بروكسل يجب أن يكون هدفها تحفيز عملية جنيف لإقرار وقف سريع وفوري للعمليات العسكرية في المقام الأول٬ إفساحاً في المجال أمام أي عمليات إعادة إعمار مستقبلية.
3- أنّ فشل الأمم المتحدة مرة تلو الأخرى في ملف وصول المساعدات الإنسانية في سوريا يهدد بتكرار كارثة حلب في غير منطقة في سوريا٬ وفي الغوطة اليوم على وجه الخصوص. لدى المؤسسة الدولية من الإمكانيات المتاحة في هذا الملف ما يؤهلها لتأمين وصول المساعدات الإنسانية للسكان المحاصرين فوراً. شرط توفر الإرادة الحقيقية لذلك ودون إخضاع هذا الملف للنتائج العسكرية ورهنه بالتجاذبات السياسية.

لهذا فإن المؤسسات السورية الموقعة على هذه الرسالة تعلن أنّ أيّ مشاركة فعّالة لها في الجولات المقبلة لمحادثات جنيف٬ كما في مؤتمر المانحين المقبل في بروكسل٬ ستكون متوقفة على مدى الاستجابة الدولية الفعّالة لوقف العمليات العسكرية ووقف استهداف المدنيين٬ من خلال:

1- الضغط الجدّي والفوري والمجدي لوقف العمليات العسكرية فوراً. ومن ضمنها التصعيد الأخير في إدلب وغوطة دمشق من قبل الحكومتين السورية والروسية.
2- البدء جدّياً بإقرار خطة واقعية لتزويد المناطق المحاصرة والسكان المحتاجين بالأغذية والمواد الطبية ضمن عمليات إسقاط جوي أممي فوق المناطق المحتاجة.


1. الأرشيف السوري
2. الحزب الجمهوري السوري
3. الحياة سلام
4. الرابطة السورية الألمانية
5. الرابطة السورية للمواطنة
6. السراج للتنمية والرعاية الصحية
7. الشبكة السورية لحقوق الإنسان
8. الشرق نيوز
9. العدالة من أجل الحياة
10. اللوبي النسوي
11. المرصد – المركز العربي لحقوق الإنسان في الجولان المحتل
12. المركز السوري للإحصاء والبحوث
13. المركز السوري للإعلام وحرية التعبير
14. المركز السوري للعدالة والمساءلة
15. المعهد السوري للعدالة
16. المنتدى السوري
17. النساء الآن من أجل التنمية
18. بسمة وزيتونة
19. بيتنا سوريا
20. تحالف شمل لمنظمات المجتمع المدني
21. حماة حقوق الإنسان
22. دولتي
23. رابطة المحامين السوريين
24. رابطة المستقلين الكرد السوريين
25. رابطة معتقلي ومفقودي سجن صيدنايا
26. سند لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة
27. سوريون من أجل الحقيقة والعدالة
28. مؤسسة التأخي لحقوق الإنسان
29. مؤسسة اليوم التالي
30. مؤسسة سوا
31. مجموعة سنبلة من أجل التعليم والتنمية
32. مركز الكواكبي للعدالة الانتقالية وحقوق الإنسان
33. مركز توثيق الانتهاكات
34. مكتب التنمية المحلية ودعم المشاريع الصغيرة
35. منظمة الكواكبي لحقوق الانسان
36. منظمة المرأة السورية
37. منظمة المعتقلات السوريات (ليليت)
38. منظمة حلم الياسمين
39. منظمة قدرة
40. منظمة كوردا
41. مواطنون من أجل العدالة والسلام
42. مواطنون من أجل سوريا
43. نبع الحياة
44. وحدة المجالس المحلية
45. نقابة محامي درعا الأحرار
46. مجلس محافظة درعا
47. مجلس محافظة القنيطرة
48. دار العدل في حوران
49. هيئة الإصلاح العمرية
50. جمعية المرأة السورية للتنمية
51. جمعية المرأة السورية , سلام
52. جمعية مريم لتميكن المرأة في القنيطرة
53. نقابة الأطباء الحرة بدرعا
54. هيئة العمري للعدالة الانتقالي

Letter for Secretary General of The United Nations

Mr Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Representatives of the Members of the Security Council

Mr Staffan de Mistura, Special Envoy for Syria

Over the last few days and weeks, several areas in Syria entered a new phase of military escalation. Residential areas, civilian objects, and medical facilities were targeted in a clear and major breach of international law. This has led to the death and injury of hundreds of civilians according to the documentation of Syrian and international independent human rights organizations. This is especially the case in Eastern Ghouta, Idlib, and Afrin.

Various developments and military escalations over the last few years have resulted in the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of residents from the provinces of Aleppo, Homs, and rural Damascus. This occurred as part of a systematic policy that could amount to a war crime. The forcibly displaced were placed in Idlib and rural Aleppo. They now live with the residents of these areas under Syrian and Russian aerial bombardment, even though a large part of these areas falls under a ‘de-escalation’ agreement announced earlier in Astana. At the same time, more than a quarter of a million civilians live under a total siege in Eastern Ghouta for a fifth consecutive year now. They live under extremely difficult and dire human conditions and endure artillery and rockets strikes, as well as improvised and unguided barrel bombs that have no specific military objective expect to destroy everything they fall upon.

The scale of the Syrian tragedy is beyond what words can describe. Or what can be dealt with in a few lines. It has become clear that lives of civilians have no value within all current calculations on the ground in Syria.

It is noteworthy that approaching Geneva talks coincide with major and dangerous military escalations that the civilian population always pays the highest price for.

The Syrian institutions signatories to this letter believe that it is their duty to draw the attention of the international community to the following:

1- The utmost priority now in Syria is an immediate end to military escalation and the protection of civilians in their locations. In addition to the delivery of food and medical assistance to besieged areas in order to end the siege and the destruction of the capabilities of an entire population.

2- It would be a futile attempt to consider a political settlement that encompasses constitutional drafting, reconstruction plans, or early recovery, without immediate international pressure for a ceasefire and for the protection of civilians. A constitution is meant to serve residents, and efforts in constitutional drafting would be meaningless if the residents continue to be killed. And it is expected that any effort for reconstruction should go towards rebuilding the capabilities of these residents. This means that the donor conference in Brussels should firstly aim at encouraging a decision at the Geneva processes to immediately end military operations, then paving the way for any reconstruction efforts.

3- The United Nation’s failure time and again in delivering humanitarian aid to Syria threatens to repeat the crisis of Aleppo in other parts of Syria, and in Ghouta in particular. The international organization has the capacity to ensure the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid to besieged residents, provided that there is a will to do so and that this case is not subjected to military outcomes and compromised in political engagement processes.

For this reason, the Syrian institutions signatories to this letter announce that their effective participation in the upcoming Geneva rounds, and the upcoming donor conference in Brussels, will depend on the international response to ending the military operations and the targeting of civilians. This is through:

1- Serious and feasible pressure to immediately end military operations, including the Syrian and Russian governments’ recent military escalations in Idlib and the Damascus Ghouta.

2- Beginning a serious and feasible plan for the delivery of food and medical supplies to besieged areas and those in need through UN humanitarian airdrops over the areas in need.


1- Al-Marsad, Arab Human Rights Centre in Golan Heights

2- Al-omarya assembly for transitional Justice

3- Alkawakibi Center For Transitional Justice and Human Rights

4- Alkawakibi Organization For Human Rights

5- Alseeraj for Development and Healthcare

6- Asharq News

7- Association of Detainees and the Missing in Sednaya Prison

8- Association of German-Syrian Humanitarian Organization

9- Basmeh &Zeitooneh

10- Baytna Syria

11- Citizens for Syria

12- Civilians for Justice and Peace

13- Daraa Free Doctors Association

14- Daraa Free Governorate Council

15- Daraa Lawyers Bar Association

16- Dawlaty

17- Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights

18- Human rights Guardians

19- Jasmine Dream Organization

20- Justice for Life

21- Kombanda kurdin serbwxe suri

22- Kudra Organization

23- Life is Peace

24- Lilitha

25- Local Administration Councils Unit (LACU)

26- Local Development and Small-Projects Support (LDSPS)

27- Mariam Association for empowering women in Qunaitra

28- Nabea El Hayat

29- Quaitra Free Governorate Council

30- Reformation Assembly of Houran

31- SANAD for people with special needs

32- Sawa Foundation

33- Shaml CSOs Coalition

34- Sonbola Group For Education & Development

35- Syria Justice and Accountability Center (SJAC)

36- Syria Women Organisation

37- Syrian Archive

38- Syrian Center for media and freedom of expression (SCM)

39- Syrian Center for Statistics and Research

40- Syrian Feminist Lobby

41- Syrian Forum

42- Syrian Institute for Justice

43- Syrian Lawyers Aggregation

44- Syrian League For Citizenship

45- Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR)

46- Syrian Republican Party

47- Syrian Women association for development

48- Syrian Women Association(Salam)

49- Syrians for Truth and Justice (STJ)

50- The Day After (TDA)

51- The Independent Syrian Kurds Association

52- The Justice House of Houran

53- Violations Documentation Center (VDC)

54- Women Now for Development

New attack on health facillities in Eastern Ghouta

Yesterday in Eastern GhoutaZamalka city at 4:30 pm local time, a primary healthcare Center (PHC) “Ihyaa Alnafs center” was targeted by an airstrike attack (8 barrels’ bomb) then 20 shell from heavy ordnance.

 As a result, some parts of this center was destroyed and one ambulance is now out of service. In this accident fuels and generators warehouse was destroyed and it is now out of service.

Nobody inside center were injured in this accident and no one of medical staff also was injured but three people were injured outside centre.

 This centre is providing healthcare for more 11800 residents and 2640 IDPs in Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta.

 This is not the first attack in this week, other healthcare facilities were else target by airstrikes in the different town in Mahamadiyeh in Eastern Ghouta, the airstrikes targeted an emergency centre and as a result for this attack this center is now out of service.

 Those attacks in all of Eastern Ghouta have occurred in areas designated under the de-escalation zone, this recent escalation indicates a renewal of the blatant strategy of targeting health facilities in besieged areas.

This center is running by Alseeraj for Development and Healthcare organization @alseeraj.syria as a part of our project to support 11 PHC centers in Damascus and rural Damascus.

” Alseeraj ” strongly condemns the escalating violence against healthcare centers in @Syria which flagrantly violate international humanitarian law, and the de-escalation agreements.

Update from Eastern Ghouta about UN convoy

At least 37 dialysis patients (12 women 25 men) in the besieged eastern Ghouta are in dire need of access to lifesaving treatment. In Dec-2017, 3 patients dead and 12 patients from June-2017 to Nov-2017 died due to the lack of dialysis treatment, bringing the total number of deaths resulting from this disease to 13 in 2017.

The Department of Hemodialysis in the Specialized Hospital in the district of Douma is remaining to perform hemodialysis sessions for all patients in eastern Ghouta.

Last week UN convoy entered to the besieged eastern Ghouta and provided dialysis treatment kits (50 hemodialysis sessions for 37 patients still a life). This kits not enough for patients due to it is one hemodialysis session to every patient.

Our statistics is indicating the total of hemodialysis sessions were 256 for 37 patients in Dec-2017 that means every patient is needing 8 hemodialysis sessions monthly.

UN convoy provided hemodialysis treatment kits to 37 patients for one time and help them to still a life only for one week.

Renal and dialysis patients would have been the most vulnerable people among all chronic diseases during the conflict and their care would have been affected majorly due to their fragile status, comorbidities and the complexity of offered treatments.

@alseeraj.syria remain extremely concerned for the safety and protection of about 370,000 people who remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in @Syria and we call for immediate access to the besieged towns in these district where civilians suffer daily violence and lack of basics under siege.

New attack on health facilities in Eastern Ghouta

Sunday 18-Feb-2018 in Eastern Ghouta, at 7 pm local time, an emergency Center “Save a soul emergency center” was targeted by five airstrike attack. As a result, it is now out of service, and some parts of this center was also destroyed.

Two Children and one woman inside center were injured in this accident and one of medical staff also was injured.

this centre is providing emergency services for more 150 residents and 150 IDPs in Beit Nayem C2363 and 1400 residents and 670 IDPs in Mahamadiyeh C6668 in Eastern Ghouta in rural Damascus.

Those attacks in all of Eastern Ghouta have occurred in areas designated under the de-escalation zone, this recent escalation indicates a renewal of the blatant strategy of targeting health facilities in besieged areas.

NGOs have not supported this center “Save a soul emergency center” since six months

” Alseeraj ” strongly condemns the escalating violence against healthcare centers in @syria , which flagrantly violate international humanitarian law, and the de-escalation agreements.

@alseeraj.syria appeals to the UN Security Council to issue a resolution to protect humanitarian workers in Syria.

@alseeraj.syria remain extremely concerned for the safety and protection of about 370,000 people who remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in Syria and we call for immediate access to the besieged towns in these district where civilians suffer daily violence and lack of basics under siege.