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Contribution in support to cow herders and improving the livestock sector

Project title: Contribution in support to cow herders and improving the livestock sector in Rural of north Homs

Number of Beneficiaries: 800 families

Project summary: 

The project had implemented in 13 village in the northern countryside of Homs supported 800 small-scales herders as the following:

  • Distribution of alfalfa seeds to planted 400 dunums ,2 kg for each beneficiaries


  • vaccination of 800 cows of foot-and-mouth disease to prevent infection
  • Distribute of 576 tons of cows fodder enough for three full months.
  • Provide veterinary health care to keep cows healthy

Provide guidance trainings to increase the experience and knowledge of breeder

donor: HPF
location : Rural of north Homs

provide educational activities and courses of psychosocial support

Project title: In the vaccine camps (Karama center) provide educational activities and courses of psychosocial support

Number of Beneficiaries: 150 children

Project summary: 

Is to provide the necessary support to children on a sound and systematic basis, so that they regain the feeling that they are valuable and have a positive capacity, allowing them to consider the community with a confident and optimistic and includes the project activities of psychosocial support and sports activities play musical entertainment educational

donor: War Child
location : Rural  Idleb – Qah ( camps Qah)

livestock and agriculture activities in Jisr Al Shoughur

Project title: Strengthening the resilience of IDPs and host communities through livestock and agriculture activities in Jisr Al Shoughur

Number of Beneficiaries: 100 IDPs,100 HH

Project summary: 

The project had implemented in Jisr Ash Shougur where 200 hh had selected depending on weakness scales for 100 IDPs and 100 HH families.
Project activities were included two section (agricultural and animals) for 200 beneficiaries as follows:
– Distribution of chickpea seeds , yellow corn seeds and white corns seeds to planted 400 dunums
– Distribution of vouchers for agricultural inputs (fertilizer and fuel) sufficient for the agricultural process
– Distribute 2 sheep for each family ( host and IDPs)
– vaccination of 400 sheep against foot-and-mouth disease to prevent infection
– Distribute of 36 tons of sheep feed that enough for two full months.
– Provide veterinary health care to keep sheep healthy
– Increase the numbers of sheep by putting hormonal sponges
– Provide guidance trainings to increase the experience and knowledge of breeder

donor: Expertise France
location : Idleb – Jisr-Ash- Shugur – (Bzeit -Bsheiriyeh – Matleh / Batlaya – Marj Akhdar – Ein Elsoda)

Workshop on evaluation of institutional work

With the support of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Al-Serraj team in Ghazi Antep city will hold a three-day workshop on evaluation of institutional work (OCA)

The OCA route has been developed and is the first organization to work on this path.

A three-day workshop was held for the Seragists at the Turkey office in Gaziantep, in particular. It was a wonderful and important participation. Participants completed a course to evaluate the course and develop administrative capacity criteria with the support of Beyond and the sponsorship of the IRC.


Syria is human

Editing: Aswan Nahar

“Syria is human and our goal is to stay.” This is confirmed by Siraj, whose team is active in besieged Syrian areas, which are difficult to reach, especially in Damascus and its countryside. It works to activate the role of women in society and child care and protection, in addition to establishing the spirit of initiative and volunteerism and the principle of cooperation and coordination between all components of the Syrian civil society and its organizations. The organization draws attention to the need to gradually shift from relief programs to productive development programs.

Established in 2011, Siraj seeks to support the structure of Syrian civil society, promote self-reliance, peaceful coexistence and reintegrate marginalized communities by establishing a self-sustaining process, with the qualification of cadres in various fields. “We are active in all sectors of humanitarian work that will provide the Syrians with the essentials of human life through a series of activities and projects,” said Manal Al Faham, its chairman. It is concerned with protection, health, food security and comprehensive development, including education and relief, as well as its interest in the sanitation and water sector. ”

“In view of the existing circumstances, Siraj found herself committed to relief activities, from supporting the camps by providing tents to displaced families in the southern Aleppo countryside, to providing some schools and families with the necessary heating equipment in the various areas of the besieged East Ghouta and the western Ghouta and south of Damascus, (Used), shoes and blankets for those who need it. ”

In light of the lack of medical resources and its scarcity of medicines, medical supplies and equipment in the besieged areas. As a result of the need for continued medical work to alleviate the suffering and pain of the Syrian citizen, Siraj has established a number of specialized surgical clinics, “The health sector accounts for 60 percent of the organization’s work, by providing allowances for medical personnel in areas of disaster and armed conflict, and support for health facilities, especially in places where hundreds of thousands of civilians are gathered,” said Dr. Deeb.

In addition, several development projects fall under the food security sector. It seeks to help civil society to create a circle of human activity and to focus on service projects concerned with the idea of ​​sustainable development. Among these projects is the agricultural project “Vilgersha,” which was established in March 2013. “We are trying to secure part of the food needs of people in the besieged areas and to reduce the dependency on the distribution of food baskets,” said Abu Dargham. The project covers an area of ​​719 dunums, benefiting 19,413 families, while 235 jobs are secured. ”

Siraj seeks to help women in the besieged areas to provide a stable income for their families through workshops in sewing and handicrafts. Al-Fahim explained that 37 families benefit from these projects. It also refers to poultry and rabbit breeding projects in rural Damascus, which have contributed to securing alternative sources of meat in the besieged areas, as well as providing many job opportunities. “Small Bakeries” and “kitchens” come to them. The number of meals distributed during the month of Ramadan to 15 thousand meals, while securing 127 jobs.

Because “education is the foundation of the Syrian future,” Siraj has established numerous educational projects targeting children, young people and even the elderly. They were given an alternative opportunity to those who were deprived of the bombardment and destruction of schools, through the establishment of a special institute for the children of the eastern Ghouta under the slogan “a step to eradicate illiteracy”, which benefited different segments of life.

“We are working to establish a solid foundation for human resources, with the aim of reducing unemployment and fighting poverty,” he said. “People are producers rather than consumers.” Siraj is also active in psychological support in the refugee camps of Arsal (Lebanon) and in the countryside of Damascus, to ease the pressures of war. It also works to prepare cadres capable of rehabilitating children and their families and those responsible, and supports needy and affected families periodically, especially the families of medical personnel.